We formed Illogical Associates from the wreckage of Illusive Arts Entertainment - publishers of Dorothy and Tony Loco comics. It's our firm belief that if a mistake is worth making, it's worth making twice.

Don't call it a Phoenix. This chicken's been here for years.

Putting it alphabetically, we're Anna and Mark. We went to the same college, but not at the same time. One of us graduated. The other one likes Doctor Who.

We love Art, Stories, and Story-Telling.

As Illusive Comics & Games, we win awards for providing the greatest selection of amazing tales in Silicon Valley. As Isle of Gamers, we give you the most comfortable place in the South Bay to weave your interactive fictions. Illogical Associates is the outlet for our creative mania: the stories we want to tell and the experiences we want to manufacture.

It's the dream from which we make stuff.

Fear and Loathing in Winkie Country

Anna Warren "Boss Lady" Cebrian has one degree in Art and another in Business, so she's obviously the brains behind this operation.
To say that she is a Workaholic is to remain ignorant of the effort she has put into being a Chocaholic. She has commanded Illusive Comics since 2007 and Isle of Gamers since 2015. She is Ahab.

Mark Anthony "Bat" Masterson writes things. He refuses to stop, no matter how many impertinent ducks gather at his stoop shouting, "Your keyboard is too clacky! Nobody reads anymore! What about the podcast? You should do more videos because you're so handsome!"
Avast, ducklings! Our man Bat has an interest in crime, kung fu, the wild world, and travel in time. Stay not his Tumblr, nor his Twitter feed. Thou art but fowl, despite thine tiny trowsers.
"Aha," nod the crows from their wire. "Another Mad Glam Esoteric Poet-King."

A funny thing happened on the way back to Oz...

A Brief History of Nonsense by award-winning novelist Seanan McGuire. (Click to make biggun.)

At one point, we thought all we wanted to do was bring Dorothy back. Turns out we're much too dysfunctional and fun for just that. We've been arguing and making art at each other too long now for there ever to be just one project. Expect adventures in gaming, story-telling, commerce, education, and even moving pictures. 
If you didn't know you wanted it, but it's accidentally pretty cool, it's Illogical.