The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Chapter II.— The Council with the Munchkins

Tonight's soundtrack: Firewater, "Fell Off The Face Of The Earth"


I'll give Baum this: he paints a pretty picture. Too bad the frame stinks.

I mean, how many times we seen this racket? Guy wakes up over a dead body, murder weapon's in his possession. No idea what happened. His pals rush up, tell him they can't believe he did it. Guy says he's not sure he did. Pals say, "You musta really tied one on, killer. Just look - it's your house, ain't it?" The guy shrugs and nods, cuz what does he know? Pals pat him on the back, tell him it doesn't look good. If he wants to stay free, he's gotta go see a guy. Get out of town. Hit the bricks.

Now just relax. Maybe it was an accident. But alls we know is that there's been a homicide: victim was a local government official and well-known magic user. I got a  crime scene that's totally compromised, not least because somebody dropped a wooden shack into it. Witnesses say that the house did the deed, but I can't get an official Cause of Death because the M.E. only has dust to work with at this point. The Witch could have been lying there for an hour, a day, who knows, before the house came out of the sky.

And let me ask you this: unpopular as I hear this witch was, nobody ever thought to try blunt trauma before?

These Munchkins are hinky, too, boss. I can't get my head around the timeline. Everyone says the Witch died and the little girl woke up at the same moment: when the house landed. The girl says she rushed right to the door; nobody disputes that. Right away, these Munchkins roll up with the Witch of the North. North says they sent a swift messenger to get her. But come on. All the way to Gillikin Country and back faster than a girl can cross one room?

Nah. North had to be there already. No big deal. Again, we just don't know what happened. Maybe we never will.

But I can't stop thinking about one thing: Why'd that Witch of the North go out of her way to plant the only remaining physical evidence right on that little girl's feet?