Here's a slightly edited version of a thing we cobbled together to sort of get our thoughts in motion toward a set of vague whatevers in regard to the comic and the future and whatcha dooin?
It may be relevant to your interests.

1) I hate when a company essentially announces that they intend to do something, but without dates, hardware, or prices, but that's what we're doing. Think of this as the PlayStation 4 of digitally-produced ("a movie on paper!") Oz photo-comics.

2) Dorothy *will* be back.

3) The way that Dorothy comes back will be determined by financial and technological limits. If it comes down to me writing a stream-of-consciousness Beat-Noir version in iBooks Author and putting it up for sale that way, then so be it. Or even worse: Anna and I recording it as an improvised podcast, with me telling Anna all her lines on-air as we go.

4) Whatever it takes. Dorothy comes back.

5) At the very, very least, a digital version of Volume 1 will be available for sale this year. At the very, very least that will be a PDF e-book, but we'd like to look into an actual digital book with fancy transitions and whatnot.

6) To keep up with the news on Dorothy's progress, you can find us on Facebook - search for "Dorothy - the Long Road Home", on Twitter @illogicaldot and our more-threadbare-than-we-would-like-but-you-have-to-start-somewhere website.

7) Illusive Arts Entertainment is no more. Now it's just me and Anna and we're Illogical Associates.

8) People interested in buying the original paper issues and trade paperback can still find it through Anna's comic book store

9) We're exploring fundraising options and creative partners. Keep abreast of announcements and pleading for money on Facebook, Twitter, and

10) Greg Mannino is now a very happy indie filmmaker in Arizona, and has no plans to be involved with new Dorothy - except of course, the ongoing contribution of his original designs and story ideas.

11) Depending on the level of interest/money our plans include:
      a) Finishing the long-planned and half-completed Issue 8 of Dorothy
      b) Re-doing the rush-completed and kinda janky Issue 7 of Dorothy with better layouts, models, and colors
      c) Collecting those with 5&6 to make a paperback Volume 2 of Dorothy
      d) Recollecting Volume 1 and 2 together as a single hardcover volume
      e) Digital versions of the back issues and any work going forward
      f) NEW DOROTHY - completing the story with new issues - at least 12 as currently planned - format and release pattern TBD.
      g) New stories and projects from the Illogical Ass team, such as a TPB collection of "Bad Advice For Weird People" columns, an illustrated version of another public-domain classic, a sexy Strange Western comic, something I like to call "The Doctor Who Fan's Guide To Weight Loss", and other genius ideas we wrote on the back of cookie fortunes then threw in our pockets while we laughed about how rich we were going to be.

* * *
Many thanks to Eric Gjovaag of for spreading the news at Emerald City Comic Con!