AS I'M SURE you're already aware, Anna's comic book store is having its Sixth Anna-versary Celebration this Saturday. I know you know this because you are all attractive, bright-eyed people who keep hep to the goings-on and ongoings in that swankiest of Bay Area Areas, Santa Clara. You also look like you've lost weight. Well done, you.

But did you know that if you visit Anna's Wee Shoppe O' Comics-n-Game this week in particular, not just on the Saturday, you'll also be a person of stout moral fiber and excellent ethics? Did you know further that the line I wrote for the press release got cut from that particular article? Thanks, The Beach Reporter!

Speaking of journalism and my lack of presence, those are both things that are slowly crumbling out of existence. By which I mean, yes, it's true! You can meet me and prove that I am not a ghost that types, nor a complete recluse that has merged with the chair and the dust and the unread novels in his office like a sort of papery Davros. They've done a newsletter blurb about it and everything, sir!

As we noted with Events on the Dorothy: Long Road Facebook page, I'll be there to sign books and chat and do portfolio reviews. Afterwards, I'll probably curl into a ball and become a fine French cheese that sings Happy Monday songs with aplomb, and then vibrate silently until July. Because man, it has been a hell of a long time since I've done this. Hell of a long time.

Be seeing you.