And now I'm doubly angry, because Squarespace lost the first draft of this post.

I'm not explaining the whole thing again, but it's like this: I don't know how to be angry. I'm generally pretty well-disposed. I go along to get along. I'm a bit removed from my emotions, and kind of analytical, and that's one of the reasons I deeply identify with the Tin Woodman character. But, see, the thing is: I consequently don't manage or process anger in healthy ways. I don't experience it often, but when I do, it messes me up big time. 

So I figures, "Hey Bat," I figures. "Why not learn how to deal with anger? But like, in safe way. Don't get mad at a person or anything, just find some things to anger you. Develop some skills." 

I decided then that I would, tonight, finally watch RHI Entertainment's 2007 made-for-TV Oz film Tin Man, starring Zooey Deschanel and Alan Cumming. I have been told it has a resemblance to this Oz comic I helped build.


Fuck me. Ten minutes. 

I only lasted ten minutes before I had to turn the thing completely off. Actually it was nine minutes and 43 seconds. Eject the disc. Fuck the world. Furious beyond mental capacity. Fuck fuck fuck fuck off. Fuckers. Of all the fucking. Fuck. 


Be careful what you wish for. Is I guess what I'm saying.