(JUST A QUICK note before we begin - well, actually, it's part of the thing, but what the heck, I've already started this parenthetical introduction - not only am I still absolutely exhausted from this past weekend of Illogical Illusiveness, but as a Doctor Who fan, I'm gumwillied and throbfounded by the news that Matt Smith is leaving. I can barely think for all the feeling I'm doing. Feeling! Like a human! Me! Anyway, since, as I intend to tell you as soon as this parenthetical introduction is over, I've had a smashing weekend thinking about comics and Dorothy and publishing, I haven't followed the Doctor Who news hardly at all and it's all hitting me now, but the interesting thing (too late!) is that I was informed about the Matt Smith thing on Saturday, while at the Illusive Comics/Dorothy Redux signing and I was in fact told this by the stunningly talented partnership of Bryan Little and Mette Hedin, whom I think of now as Gallifrey pals, but whom I actually know because Bryan printed a massive poster for us back in the days when Illusive Arts exhibited at cons and sought our booth out, because he liked the look of the art. It's a small and massively strange world.
Also, I haven't had a chance to watch the new Venture Bros. And have I mentioned I'm tired?)

Big Honking Snake Size Thank Yous

....to the staff at Illusive Comics and Games, to Fanboy Planet, to everyone who came out to say hello, everyone who stayed at home but wished they could be there, everyone who noticed we had an event on Facebook and said, "Huh", all the people who never even heard of Dorothy but lived their lives the way they wanted and remained beautiful in their ignorance, even them, yes, because our gratitude for the warm reception and love garnered by our "soft-relaunch" signing this past Saturday IS SO HUGE that even people who don't deserve thanks still get some. IT WAS FANTASTIC.

We had a bunch of people buy Dorothy for the first time to give it a try. We gave away t-shirts to people who gave us ideas for a new Illogical Associates logo. They were old Illusive Arts shirts, but they still said TEAM OZ on them and that's valid. We brainstormed on new interactive digital Easter Eggs for our old comics. We recorded an interview and blathered incessantly while still pausing and umming for far too long. We saw old friends. Dany came out in the full-blown Dot gear and we geeked out over the details of Dorothy's costume and continuity errors and possible art styles and improvements. There was talk of the other series we might be doing. We also shared hints and notebooks and promised a new character/transportation device for upcoming Dot adventures. It felt good, damn good, to be back behind the table, giving the pitch, opening the book, and daring to hope that, yeah, maybe this Oz thing of ours has got legs. 

The future is open wide. Thanks for the heads up.

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