We should probably go to this. We probably won't.

Because we'll be too busy making JOY and COMICS! 

While Dorothy is our first love and flagship title, here at Illogical Associates we love to keep our plates spinning.  Holy Moley, we've got a lot of neat things to show you. Like, in addition to the book described as "Hammett meets Borges", there's the post-steampunk new wave neon glampunk science fiction war comic, and also the perennial weird western with the sexy ladies and hot gentlemen, but our latest mostly officially announced story time folly goes back further than anything we've done, straight into the dark heart of the oldest, most powerful fairy tales and lays out the secrets from the Time Before Once Upon A Time...

Plus we might do some podcast jazz about Doctor Who and Mel Brooks movies and, y'know, blog stuff that analyzes the Wizard of Oz books chapter by chapter. Oh, and exercise. We keep meaning to exercise while we create.

But we can't do it without your help! Spread the word! Send those artists and collaborators our way! Keep watching the skies! STAY ILLOGICAL.