One day back in October, while discussing our next volume of Dorothy, Mark and Anna realized that a Kickstarter level with an Oz Tarot Deck would be REALLY awesome. They set the idea aside for about 12 hours, until Mark's wife, Chaunacey shouted, "YES, THAT IS AMAZING and should be its own project!"

We contacted one of our favorite comic book artists to draw the deck, but he's booked for the whole next year. So then we thought, "What's the next best thing? Oh yeah! A BUNCH of our favorite comic book artists!" So we started sending out emails to people whom Anna has met through signings at her shop, Illusive Comics & Games, friends of ours, and people we have admired. To our utter shock a lot of them replied that they would love to be part of the project.

Thus, we give you an anthology of art, in the form of a Wizard of Oz Tarot Deck, created by some of the most amazing comic book artists and graphic designers that exist. And now we're going to announce one artist a day, in semi-random alphabetical order.

Oh yeah, and the Kickstarter will start February 1st.

The first artist we are happy to announce that is working on the Tarot deck is Ben Templesmith.