The next person to be announced as a part of the Shadows of Oz Tarot Deck is a man who has shown himself to be a complete sweetheart. That may not matter for those admiring his art, but it is always nice to work with genuinely kind people. And the fact that he has worked in the comic book industry for longer than I've been alive, means even more.

If you don't admire him already, please do now-- Paul Gulacy.

If you haven't heard of him, you've definitely seen his award-winning work. Summarizing from Wikipedia is challenging, because he's worked on SO MANY TITLES. 

Here's a couple highlights:

"best known for his work for DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and for drawing one of the first graphic novels, Eclipse Enterprises' 1978 Sabre: Slow Fade of an Endangered Species, with writer Don McGregor."

"Among the many titles Gulacy has drawn are the DC Comics Batman, Legends of the Dark Knight, Batman: Prey, Batman: Outlaws, Year One: Batman/Ra's al Ghul, Catwoman, Green Lantern: Dragon Lord and JSA: Classified; Acclaim Comics' Eternal Warrior and Turok, Dinosaur Hunter; Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars: Crimson Empire; and Penthouse Comix's Omni Comix."

He will be creating cards along with Ben Templesmith, Trina Robbins, Steve Leialoha, Darick Robertson, Eric Shanower, and Olympia Sweetman.