Roll up! Roll up! Step right this way... Friends, I know you're eager to obtain the knowledge that was once the province of Kings, Potentates, and Publishers alone, but before we reveal the nominate appellation of our next crepuscular artiste of chthonic mystery... hang on, I seem to swallowed an entire case of Barnum's Animal Crackers while researching art for this post and now I'm wearing a bowler hat and my vocabulary's gone all bombastic.

What I'm here to tell you about is the eighth artist to contribute to The Shadow of Oz. It's time to turn the dial to the indies station or perhaps go down to the club where the scene is tight and put your hands together for that wanderer of the world, the jammiest of jammers, the answer to the musical question "Why O Why Can't I?" painter, illustrator, animator, a man known to be patient with drunken writers, and our second contributor from Australia: Giles Crawford.

Giles is the co-creator of a Factory Records Alphabet, FAC:ABC and currently illustrates Lowlives. I could tell you more about how Giles impressed me from the second time we met, or attempt to describe the inventive motion in his lines, or talk about the subtle colors and rhythms you find in his work, but really you should just go read HEARD YOU CALLING THROUGH THE DRUMBEAT here.

We are so so lucky to have him working with us.
Bat out.

This is just a sketch from Giles, but any excuse for K-9.

This is just a sketch from Giles, but any excuse for K-9.