At least, officially.

But here's the skinny, Minnie: 

We just received notice that the Shadow of Oz decks are FINALLY shipping to our headquarters. Word on the street is that they'll arrive on Friday. Or it will be, once we get out on the street and start shouting.  (If you're just joining us: Pacific trade ports have had months of issues with weather, strikes, and mechanical failures, delaying literally tons of products. The Shadow of Oz was a victim of this kerfuffle, but now we're in the swift and steady arms of ground shipping experts.)

Backers who chose in-store pickup will be able to do so at Illusive Comics & Games as of Sunday 12/21/14 at 11 AM.  If you just now realized "Hey, in-store pickup! What a quick, convenient, and environmentally-friendly option! I should try that." then message us or email We'll add you to the list. The Nice list.

* * *

There's more Backer-specific stuff in the update, but bottom line is: the decks are coming home. To our home. Then we're shipping them to your home. And it'll happen within a week or so. Or later, if we're not shipping them to your home. Maybe you get tarot decks at the office. Maybe you weren't a backer. Maybe you're thinking about buying one now, now that you can feel the icy breath of approaching jealousy on your neck. What I'm saying is this:

Get ready for your hall to be decked.