The update we posted on our Kickstarter today:

This is the Big Halfway There Celebration! We've added 3 more levels, some Add Ons and a ton more Love!

Thanks to you all, we're 50% funded!! A wonderful milestone. Give yourselves a round of applause!

And our add-ons are for people who want some more fun stuff. To order any of these, just increase your Backer Total accordingly, and we'll confirm your order when we send out a Survey at the end of the Project.

The New Add-Ons:

  • $3 Receive a foil sticker featuring the Shadow of Oz card back
  • $5 Get an mp3 download of the original song inspired by "Dorothy" from award winning song writer and novelist Seanan McGuire.
  • $10 Digital download of audio commentary of the Wizard of Oz movie (1939) by the Illogical Associates.
  • $15 Receive a Limited Edition 8x10 color print of the card of your choice (you can order as many of these as you like!)

The New Levels:

Pledge $100 or more- RETURN TO OZ: Receive The Heart Level and spend the day at Disneyland with publishers M.A. Masterson and Anna Cebrian. We'll even buy you a churro. You can ask us anything about creating this deck, Small Publishing or owning a comic book store. (Disneyland pass and travel not included). Date TBD.

Please $150 or more- DAINTY CHINA COUNTRY: Receive The Heart Level, 6 lucky people will get to attend this intimate dinner with M.A. Masterson and Anna Cebrian in Santa Clara, California. You can ask us anything about creating this deck, Small Publishing or owning a comic book store. Dinner is included. (Travel is not included). Date TBD.

Pledge $1,000 or more- PATRONS OF OZCOT: Receive one copy of The Shadow of Oz Tarot Deck in a hinged Cherry Wood Box engraved with the design of the back of our deck, as well as the Yellow Brick Road Level, and a PDF of all 78 cards. Also, receive 8"x10" color prints of all 78 cards. You can choose to attend either or both Release Parties. You will get to see the artwork as it comes in drafts to us. Best of all, you'll have your name listed as a Producer in the Shadow of Oz Accompanying Booklet.

Check it out! Spread the Love!

~Mark & Anna