It's our halfway point, time-wise, for The Shadow of Oz Tarot Deck Kickstarter. And we have just about half still to raise.

We've added a current draft of the Front of the Cards with Border, along with and answers to some FAQ's.

Now we're going to take the next few days to focus on each of the levels (Keep in mind you can back at multiple levels and include Add Ons.  Just increase your total accordingly, and we'll know exactly what you want when we send out our survey at the end).

Today we're talking about the $5 Yellow Brick Road level. This is the description:

And thank *you* for backing us, Gorgeous. You've earned yourself a Kiss from the Good Witch (immortalized with a Thank You in the Permanent Thank You Hall of Fame on our website) *and* a Digital Copy of "Dorothy" #1, written by M.A. Masterson. See how our Oz journey began!

This is your chance to have your name, or your company name, memorialized on our Thank You page. We'll list all backers at this level and above once our Kickstarter has funded. Then we'll email you a copy of Dorothy #1. You also earn a kiss and our undying love. That's worth $5, right?

Have you watched our beautiful video, yet?