Amazing, we're quite nearly at 70% Funding of our Shadow of Oz Kickstarter!!!

Today's level of discussion takes place down in the LA Area.

Pledge $250 or more

3 backers Limited (17 left of 20)

GLINDA'S PARTY: Receive Dorothy's Delight Level, plus Strength and Courage Level, and be invited to the Exclusive Celebration to be held at a comic book store in the Los Angeles area, where you will receive one uncut sheet of all the tarot cards, signed by many Bay Area Shadow of Oz artists. You can have your tarot read by a practiced tarot reader. You will also meet the Illogical Associates and meet at least one of the artists who worked on this deck, along with getting your deck autographed. (You are responsible for your own travel.)

Which means you'll receive:

  • A Thank You on our website
  • A digital copy of Dorothy #1
  • A digital .pdf of all 78 cards
  • An 8x10" color limited edition print
  • Receive one copy of The Shadow of Oz Tarot Deck in a hinged Cherry Wood Box engraved with the design of the back of our deck, as well as the Yellow Brick Road Level
  • One Uncut Sheet of all the Tarot Cards
  • Attend our Exclusive Release party at a comic book store in the LA Area (we're deciding between two)
  • Have your Tarot read at the party
  • Meet at least one of the artists on the deck and his autograph for your deck, uncut sheet, or whatever else you might want autographed! AND, since this party will take place after Ozma's Party (where we'll have a LOT of the artists), your items will come autographed by them, too!

This is a very limited level, so jump and grab one while you can! If you don't back at this level, you won't get to party with the artists and us!

No matter which level you choose, you can always increase the funding you want to back with and get some awesome Add Ons!

4 days left, so please share all over Facebook and Twitter about it!