From our latest Kickstarter Update:

This is it.

As we write this, there are 40 hours left in the Kickstarter. 40 hours until the curtain comes down and they make us get off the stage and back to work deck-building. We've done a lot of drum banging, cheerleading, and jazz handing. At this point, in these final hours, you, our lovely Backers, are the best hope for this project. You can help us get Funded by Sharing, Facebooking, Tweeting and Emailing everyone and anyone.

Especially to that one friend. You know who we mean. You've been wanting to tell them about the Shadow of Oz for weeks, but you kept forgetting. Now's the time. They're ready to hear about it.

There's over 330 of you and you have amazing Group Power. Here's a shortlink to share, if you're into the whole brevity thing:

This just in: You can now add this lovely Velvet Bag to hold your deck and booklet, for only $10.

This Tarot Bag measures 6" wide and 9" tall and will perfectly hold The Shadow of Oz: A Tarot Deck

This Tarot Bag measures 6" wide and 9" tall and will perfectly hold The Shadow of Oz: A Tarot Deck

Wondering how else to help? You could consider increasing your Level or including an Add-On, like the lovely bag, above. You can pledge for more than one thing by raising your pledge amount to the sum of the rewards you would like via the "Manage My Pledge" button. Then tally up the total for what you want and change your Backer Amount to that Total. In a few days, when the Kickstarter is complete, we'll send out a Survey where you can let us know what you want, or you can message us now, in case you're worried you'll forget.

Here's some of our other Add-ons:

  • $5 for an .mp3 of the "Dorothy" song that was written as a fan piece to our comic Dorothy, by Hugo Award winner Seanan McGuire
  • For $10, you can hear how imbibed Mark and Anna can get while commentarying the Wizard of Oz movie.
  • Most importantly, for $15, you can add on a Limited Edition 8x10" Color Print of one of our cards. (When the cards are all created, we'll send you a link to choose your piece from, unless you have the level where you receive the .pdf of all 78 cards).

This is the day. This is the hour. The fate of this project is in your hands, you beauties.

Early Concept notes from Mark

Early Concept notes from Mark

Thank you so much for being part of this journey.

~Anna & Mark