Yesterday was one of the weirdest days of our lives. And that's saying a lot, for both Mark and I.

I went to sleep at about 3:30am Sunday night/Monday morning and woke up at 9:30am to find about 15 new backers had jumped on board. That "Ending Soon" section of Kickstarter must get a heckuva lot of traffic.

But we were still short several hundred dollars. The last hour was crazy. Mark was home watching on his computer, and I, 450 miles away was sitting on the couch with my 4-year old, Cat in the Hat on PBS, crazy neighbor-lady's voice of yelling at her dog floating through my window.

Refresh the screeen, refresh the screen. Mark and I were IMing our panic to each other. All of the internet seemed to be running slow, particularly in the last 20 minutes. AND THEN, we made it! One friend hugely increased his Backer amount and we hit goal. BUT, a few people reduced their pledges immediately after that. And we were suddenly a bit afraid they might reduce below the $28,000 mark.

The dog needed to be taken out to pee (which she would not do), and my son demanded a new bandaid for his scratched knee. These creatures are very fortunate I love them to bits.

Running back to my computer, I wondered, "Do we get credit for hitting goal if people reduce their levels last minute?" However, we did not need to worry. Another friend also hugely increased HIS backer amount. And then a few other people jumped on board. By 10:55a, we were at about 101% of goal and by 11am, when it officially ended, we were at 102% of our goal.

I felt the Shower of Relief that one usually only hears about. Mark and I were both crying. Happiness. Relief. Fear. Success. Astonishment. Shock.

This was the first project we made together with no one else to mess it up (see: Former Company's History), and no one else had started this idea. We came up with this concept in the midst of a conversation. It was OUR dumb idea!!! And it was made real. Thanks to all of you.

We're still processing this reality.

And I got us right to work.

We made a new Pre-Order item in our Illogical Shop for those of you who want a deck, but didn't get to be a part of the Kickstarter.

And a Backer asked for the opportunity to buy one of our posters, so I added that to our Shop, too.

Now I'm stumbling through the weird Kickstarter Survey program (it's kind of clunky and very inefficient). I gave Mark a minor scare with the reality of his upcoming deadlines for getting all of the artists their card descriptions.  He's also programming the Dorothy #1 download in our Shop.

Oh, and Kori Thompson sent us two new pieces of art for his Tarot Cards. (We'll share those soon).

Anyone have questions about the process?