The End Countdown is on. We have 10 days to get funded and we can do it, with your help! Share our posts all 'round the internet, and be sure to mention that there's only 10 days left to back us.

We added an easy Checklist to see what you get with each level. We'll have a new Video and some new Sketch Art to show you soon, too!

And now, I'll go over the Level O' The Day--

First, you can read the details for the The Shadow of Oz: A Tarot Deck Kickstarter $5 Level, the $10 Level, the $20 Level, the $25 Level, and the $50 level. Here's the first of our $100 Levels:

RETURN TO OZ: Receive The Heart Level and spend the day at Disneyland with publishers M.A. Masterson and Anna Cebrian. We'll even buy you a churro. You can ask us anything about creating this deck, Small Publishing or owning a comic book store. (Disneyland pass and travel not included). Date TBD. (most likely this will be in October)

So, in this level you will receive

  • A Thank You on our website
  • A digital copy of Dorothy #1
  • A digital .pdf of all 78 cards
  • A deck of The Shadow of Oz: A Tarot Deck
  • A churro
  • A day of fun at Disneyland with Mark and Anna
  • The opportunity to discuss anything you like with us. Yep, no holds barred.
Shadow Sketch Art.jpg

Initial Card Images by Emonic and Kori Thompson