Ack! No post for 2 weeks! Well, we sure haven't been sitting around.

Last week, we were at Emerald City Comicon, which was the first convention we attended as publishers 10 years ago. It was an amazing experience. We ate, we walked, we saw more comics that could be believed fit in that building, we ate more, we drank, we celebrated Mark's 43rd birthday and had an extremely dandy time. We even recorded a podcast, which should be ready to listen to, soon. Once our Sound Editor, Jake Wright, has finished with it. (I listened to it again a couple days ago and giggled through it all.)

Mark has spent the last week working on detailed card descriptions and artistic direction for our artists. I haven't even seen the revised draft, yet, so I'm eagerly awaiting it!

We posted a Kickster Update to our backers a few days ago. If you are a backer, go take a peek!

What have I been doing? hmmm... oh yeah, digging out from 300 emails the deluged me while I was gone, taking all of the data and making a spreadsheet so we can work out what orders we have (lots more orders came in post-Kickstarter completion by our backers), celebrating Tabletop Game Day at my Shop, and preparing for Free Comic Book Day on May 3rd.

So... I think that sums up the last 2 weeks, work-wise. How have you been?