I knew we'd been neglecting this blog, but hadn't realized we hadn't posted since APRIL! My bad.

We are just ending a very productive weekend of Illogical work, so this seems a very appropriate time to fill you in on where we are. Are we "almost there"? Yes, yes we are.

Back in April, we assigned the tarot card descriptions to our artists. Back then, there were 19 different artists we were working with, not including their colorists. That, by the way, is quite a lot of creators to work with at once. Especially since it was all done remotely and not everyone is entirely computer savvy or had the availability they led us to believe they had.  The quick and dirty summary is-- we ended up with 18 artists on the project, having lost Christopher Jones and Ben Templesmith along the way to other commitments, but we picked up KC Johnson, who is the Re-take Director for The Simpsons.

We received many drafts of the pieces over the next two months. There was a Rough Draft deadline in Mid-May, and a Final Draft Deadline for June 11th.  These stopping points helped us (Mark Masterson, mainly) point out corrections that needed to be made, and made sure the card art was on target, to be consistent with what Mark was picturing it should all look like.

Three colorists joined our journey, and they were nothing short of brilliant-- Diego Rodriguez, Lizzie John and Moose Baumann.

Dozens of emails back and forth between me and the artists, with drafts and questions and corrections, and we finally received the final versions of all of the works of art, in the middle of last week.

In the meantime, Mark was busy writing the accompanying Booklet. Mind you, we weren't even sure this deck would have a booklet just a few months ago. Even with a family trip to Tahiti, he wrote and wrote and wrote.

Think it's easy to write a poetic, humorous, thoughtful, spiritual booklet about 78 works of tarot art, most of which you haven't seen yet, and sometimes have last minute artistic changes that affect the card description? Well, having spent the weekend Proofing and editing every single card, with Mark, I can tell you that this work is genius and clearly it was extremely challenging to create. But it now matches the Tarot Card artwork  just as it should. I think you all will be highly entertained and bowed over by the beauty of it all.

Now, we send it all to the printer. If everything goes without a hitch, we will have the decks in our hands by mid-August, if not before.

You can pre-order copies of the deck here.

We'll have images of all of the artwork up in a few weeks (if not sooner), so you can buy prints, and the carved wood box for your tarot deck. And more cool stuff, too!

It's taken hundreds of hours to put this project together over the last 8 months. We look at each other and are struck by the magnitude of this project and realize how illogical we are in our company decision making and creative process.  Just editing and final touches took about 30 hours over the last 3 days.

But we did it. From Idea, to Kickstarter to Creation, this got made.

And now, here is an early sketch of one of my favorite pieces:

Uncle Henry in Kansas, Art by Emonic.

Uncle Henry in Kansas, Art by Emonic.

I know you all will really enjoy this deck. We look forward to premiering it at the Winkie Con in San Diego, in August, at the the BATS Tarot Convention in San Jose, later in August. If you're intending on attending either event, one or both of us will be speaking at these events, and we'll be selling this deck, the prints and our comic Dorothy, as well.

We'll be posting details about the Release Parties happening in Santa Clara, California and the Los Angeles Area, soon.

Ok, who has a question? You in the back? What's your question?