I have not yet begun publishing my little essays on the cards of The Shadow of Oz deck. I think we can all agree that this is not my fault. It most likely has something to do with society. Don't you just hate society?

In any case - even if I'm not currently typing up memories and insight swirled with punny innuendo, that doesn't mean everyone spends a lot of time staring mournfully at the ceiling in-between playing guilty bouts of Doctor Who: Legacy. Some people have been receiving their Oz tarot decks in the mail. And the really cool people? They've been blogging about it.

Amanda Donnelly wrote up a remarkably detailed review on her 78 Whispers In My Ear site suggesting, "The Shadow of Oz cleverly transposes the imagery of the wild and wooly land of Oz onto traditional tarot structure to make a deck that is eminently readable, relatable, yet hangs on to the air of magic and mystery that will evoke nostalgia and echoes of beauty in most of us."

Ahem. The review includes a bunch of great photos of the deck and individual cards, so be sure to check it out.

She also included The Shadow of Oz as a special mention in her Best of 2014 tarot round-up. That's just, I mean, that's just dust in my eye. No, really.

Oh, hey! Speaking of photos, we also had a backer share her freshly unboxed Shadow deck on Instagram! So that's nice, too.

 * * *

In other news: we held our Southern California deck release party with Shadoz Artists Jay Fabares, Drew Johnson and K.C. Johnson in attendance last Saturday, then followed it up with the Return to Oz Disneyland trip for backers on Sunday. Photos from the events should be posted in our Synesthesia gallery soon, but also on Facebook, and you can find some in my Instagram feed.

In two weeks, we'll be at the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles - not exhibiting, but you might run into one of us in the lobby. Or more likely, we'll run into you. A month after that, Anna's hosting a grand opening for her new store Isle of Gamers. Two weeks after that, we will be exhibiting in a real booth and all at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. Hope to see you there!

CORRECTION: Anna would like me to mention we may have some merchandise with us at Gallifrey One, should you be interested in making a purchase this Valentine's Day. But you will have to search us for it. So, just because we like you, you can give us money to feel us up and get decked in return.