American Bibliodeck, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Edition

Illogical Associates. We're back. The New Deal:  a series of Playing Card Decks based upon great books and authors. To keep our choice of material reasonably sane, the first line is all American works. If those succeed as well as we expect, then we'll turn our eyes to the rest of the world...

With the Bibliodeck series, we want to take the same passion and artistry that fueled the ambitious Shadow of Oz Tarot you funded last year, and use them to fire something simpler, more affordable, more accessible, and arguably easier to hold.

If Playing Cards aren't your thing, thank you for your time, and read no further! But maybe you can share the news with friends, family, geeks, stage magicians, cardsharps, hypnotists, carnival shootists, cartomancers, Bridge enthusiasts, Pinochle aficionados,  holders, folders, Fish Go-ers, and sundry in your life.

It's a story you love with art from two artists you remember from The Shadow of Oz. We're using Ray Snyder, from such fine cards as The Seven of Swords and the Seven of Cups.

Combined with the delightful Jay Fabares, whose King of Bunnybury is one for the ages:

We aim to have this project entirely ready by the time Oz Con International happens at the end of July.  We want Backers to know they can pick up this new project's rewards at that convention, if they happen to be attending.

As always, we are your

Illogical Associates