The Treasures of Oz

Wrapping up the first week of Kickstartering, we find that a few of our reward items have reached the prototype stage. That means nifty new photographs with which we shall endeavour to entice and delight.

These Ozzy items come standard with a few Reward Levels, but are also available as "Add-Ons". Mix and Match, do the money math, and let us know which items you'd like delivered promptly to your door after you make your pledge.

Swiftly now! Show us the goods!

5 American Dollars sees a pair of these customized "Vortex" green dice on your game table.

Forty Greenbacks puts a laser-etched Cribbage Board into your fun zone.

A single Andrew Jackson gives you the ability to strap Emerald Green Vision to your face.

As always, thank you for your time. You can learn more here!