ITEM THE FIRST: Well, this is also some of Item Number Two, or actually more probably Item Zero, because I've been terrible about sending update posts. It's a stress thing. Putting too much pressure on one's self over minor things. leading to major anxiety, etc. Plus it's been such a bummer year. I mean, just a lot of upheaval and chaos, right? Anyway. Point is.

As you may know, Illogical Associates is the creative division of Illusive Comics and Games. We used to be separate companies, but that was silly for all sorts of reasons. So now, big news for Illusive is also big news for Illogical. Guess what? There's big news.

Anna explains it all in this lengthy Facebook post. Basically, after nine successful years on El Camino Real in Santa Clara, our little shop is moving to a new space that's as big as our hearts. It's only a few miles from the old space, but it's twice the size, closer to the University, and frankly a healthier environment for us, Lessor/Lessee-wise.

We're going to be fundraising for the move, and hope to have everything shifted into a shiny new storefront by August. Right about here:


ITEM THE I DON'T KNOW THIRD?: One of the things that being a unified company with new goals and responsibilities let us do is expand the scope and ambition of our projects going forth. We're attending more conventions, making more connections, and yes, designing another Tarot deck. Check out our calendar of events, and polish your reading glasses. Typee McFingers Boy is returning to bloggery.

ITEM THE LET'S CALL IT FIVE BY NOW: Change is scary. Change is also good. So what the heck, I've also gone and rehauled the Illogical Associates website. There are some new photo galleries, a dynamic interface, and hopefully some good jokes. If you're not already reading this there, come on by. 

Be Seeing You.