So, hi. It’s been a while, I know. How are… you?

Hope you saw the Spider-verse movie. It’s, uh, it’s pretty good.

Listen… it’s no secret that merging Illogical Associates with Illusive Comics and Isle of Gamers has been a drag on the Creative Division. There’s just a lot more pressure to use our talents and the limited hours of every day to make sure the lights stay on and our wonderful staff get paychecks, rather than be clever about Whales and Towers.

But I’ve recently had an epiphany of sorts. Even though I haven’t put much effort into writing online lately, I still did quite a bit back when. I think it holds up. There’s no damn reason why I shouldn’t repurpose all that for this, the Illogical Thing. Will it reach an audience that Tumblr couldn’t? Will Tumblr notice that I’m reblogging a reblog? The answer to both is probably not, but I’m paying too much for this site to be so afraid to claim it as my voice.


The media essays I wrote as DODGING BULLETS are going to reappear in this feed in some sort of order. I may do the Doctor Who ones in a bunch first, just to get some friction. Will I revise them? Only when I was obviously wrong and need to rewrite history.

The mega-historical MISTER WONDERFUL advice column archives will be put into a new blog, still on this site. Going back over it, there are many, many entries you don’t need to see again. And there are others that I need to change some language on. So it’s not going to be an archive. More like a Disneyland ride. Of Wonder.

And look, we’re still at work on a new Edition of the Oz Tarot, as well as the Watery Deck. I’ll be writing about our progress on those fiends, as well. Even if it happens slowly, it still happens. That’s just life.

Will I also post excerpts from my abandoned novels and upcoming short stories? Yes, I think I better had.

And then there is the Next Thing, which still frightens me to pieces. I don’t know what it looks like at all.

But I need to tell you:

Times Change.

Labs Explode.