Short thoughts on Doctor Who, disc by disc (originally published June 2012)

The Awakening

Tonight’s soundtrack: Pete Townshend, “Rough Boys”

Turlough’s gay, right? Okay. Let’s move on.

I hope it’s clear that even when I say a Doctor Who story doesn’t quite work, or shouldn’t have been attempted at the time, or is the feverish dream product of electric hellfire nutjobs so short on nuts they’re hiring squirrels for the season, it doesn’t mean I don’t also genuinely enjoy watching the damn things.

Truth is, it’s easier to be funny by pointing out flaws. Because you point away from yourself, right? You point out there, toward the absurdity you’ve noticed is entertaining. By being negative, the object of your rhetorical attention does the heavy lifting. You’re the huckster at the freak show. “Roll up! Roll up! Come see the Tone-Deaf Script! Cringe at the Poorly-Realized Monster! No Women or Children may be admitted to the Cave of Ugly Subtext!”

The trickier bit—one I’ve been quite happy to idle past lately—is to talk about things that are just cool and likable. Nothing spectacular. No world-beaters. Maybe just the little things that make a story not-unwatchable. Do that with an entertaining voice for 250 words, writer-boy. See how many Likes you can muster then.

Challenge accepted. Sorry if the DB posts aren’t funny for a bit, folks1. I’m going to try Reversing the Polarity.

Two Things I Remember I Like About The Awakening (without a rewatch): 

1) That Malus homunculus on the TARDIS wall is pretty creepy. 

2) You had me at The Wicker Man meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers

1 Ha, ha. Yes, they were sometimes supposed to be funny.