Short thoughts on Doctor Who, disc by disc (originally published June 2012)

The King’s Demons

Tonight’s soundtrack: Crime & The City Solution, “The Adversary”

The logic is obvious, right? My middle name is Anthony. I’m a Masterson. I’m forever seeing patterns and synchronicities, because how my head works. So when the greatest enemy of my favorite character is called the Master and he’s played by a guy named AnthonyI decide that means something.

The Master, I know, is another character that’s largely of my own creation. But come on. Dressing in all black, grooming a goatee, mouth always one twitch away from a smirk or a devilish smile… who could resist that kind of iconography? You can call it camp and obvious all you want today, for me back then, that was just Proper Evil. That’s how a Gentleman Antagonizes. You show up, you look good, you have fun, and you pretend to die at the end so the hero feels good about himself. It’s a Rivalry, not a Death Match. Oh sure, you talk big about “ending his miserable existence, that wretched fool!” But that’s just pillow-talk, babyIt’s all in the game, yo.

I love that guy.

So: Chicken or Bad Egg? Was I already on the path to Evil Facial Hair and unmatched black suit coordinates and therefor drawn to Ainley’s Ham Sandwich, or did Space Moriarty hit me at a young enough age that I can claim to be led on by the treachery of others?

Who cares? Love is love. I’ll defend any Master in any story to anybody. He’s my creation and my creator.