Short thoughts on Doctor Who disc by disc (Originally published May 2012)

Time and The Rani

Tonight’s soundtrack: Thomas Dolby, “Hyperactive”

Lots we could talk about here, and I’m not just whistling Dixie1. Spin! Spin the Wheel of Topical Fate! Watch them go by! Personal Anecdote! Didactic Analysis! Mockery! Tangent! Personal Tangent! Philosophy! Entropy increases, the system slows, the wheel clicks, clicks… clicks… and… stops. Huh. Mythology.

I love Regeneration and Regeneration stories. It’s a magical notion, and it works in four dimensions. I love that it’s a story solution to a casting problem. I love that it’s a casting solution that reflects the show’s structure. I love that it’s just pragmatic for TV show production, but weird and character-building in the fictional universe, and still an emotional truth for the viewer. Because we allregenerate.

At least I think we do. If we’re staying awake and paying attention.

I’m of the mind that as you encounter life, you regenerate after a while. Look at who you were, how you dressed, at age 9. By 18, could you be said to look at all the same? Have the same attitude? No. And at 27? Probably dressing different again! Maybe rediscovered some tunes that you remember on some bone-deep level from when you were 9. When you hit 36, don’t you think you’ll have a new hobby? Have met new people? Certainly if you keep traveling. Certainly now.

You’re the same person. Of course you’re the same person. Certain threads stay. Other themes come and go. Memories fade and then dominate. You change and you stay the same. That’s the gift of a lived life.

It’s not really about cheating death.


1 I’m also eating almonds and watching John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness.