Short thoughts on Doctor Who disc by disc (originally published May 2012)

Remembrance of the Daleks

Tonight’s Soundtrack: Hüsker Dü, “She Floated Away”


Aside from the largely silent performance in the 1996 TV Movie, this story introduced me to Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor. Here’s how that went:

RotD: Bat, so glad you could make it! Isn’t Netflix great?

Me: Yeah, sure. Listen, I haven’t watched Doctor Who in a long, long time, so I might just be here “ironically”, if you get me?

RotD: Not a problem. You heard about the modern series of Who? Now you’re a little curious?

Me: What? Sure. Hey, maybe I shouldn’t stay. This is really just nostalgia indulg—

RotD: Let me introduce you to Sylvester McCoy.

Me: No, really, I—

Rotd: Syl! Come and meet Bat. He was a big fan back around 1985.

SM: Grrreetings.

Me: Very amusing. Nice to see you. Love the paisley. Love the Doctor. Not sure about the sweater vest. So… still, uh, still fighting Daleks, then?

RotD: Ooh, I think the clue’s in me!

Me: Ha, ha. Yes, I’ve got a cab waiting… hang on. Is—is that a girl about to twat a Dalek with a magic baseball bat?

SM: That’s Ace. She’s my frriend.

Me: Huh. Does she… I mean, is there anyone else coming?

RotD: How about a Dalek with a bloody great cannon for a face called SPECIAL WEAPONS DALEK?

Me: Cancel the cab. Syl, we’ll chat later. Remembrance, pull out the big couch. You may have just awoken a sleeping giant in an anorak.

BOTTOM LINE: Dorothy Gale “Ace” McShane is a character so far up my alley that I should be charging her rent.