Short thoughts on Doctor Who, disc by disc (originally published June 2012)

Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Tonight’s soundtrack: Soul Coughing, “So Far I Have Not Found The Science”

I’ve already confessed that I used to claim Jon Pertwee as my favorite Doctor when that wasn’t strictly true in the sense of having a solid relationship with reality. I can say, though, that I certainly thought Jon Pertwee was the coolest Doctor, and it made me feel good to think I was the sort of person who dug clothes, cars, and wit the most.

Nowadays, and I promise that I would certainly never let you know if this was just more pretentious bullshit, I more clearly see the Doctor as one man1, and as such, it’s harder to have favorites2. The Doctor is the Doctor. Sometimes he’s the short, dark man with secrets. Sometimes he’s the tall man getting the drinks. He can be the old man with the childish pout and the young man with cynical voice. He is there in the contradictions, the fluidity, not the simple commonalities. The Doctor is the being of different things.

I love him when he’s Merlin. I love him when he’s King Arthur, and I love him when he’s Danny Kaye. I love him when he’s Sherlock Holmes, when he’s Oscar Wilde, when he’s Henry V, and yes… I absolutely love him when he’s James Bond.

BTW, watch Invasion of the Dinosaurs if you get a chance. The puppet monsters are fun. You remember fun, don’t you?

1 Time Lord. Whatever. Get over yourself.

2 Now, if we’re talking about actors and the stories they were in, that’s more of a horse race. Well, it’s a photo finish for 1&2, a rivalry for third, and then a cluster fighting over fourth.