Short thoughts on Doctor Who, disc by disc. (originally published July 2012)


Tonight’s soundtrack: Firewater, “Feels Like The End Of The World”

It was only a few weeks ago that we learned Caroline John had passed away, right around the same time a certain offshoot of a decent subsection of fans came quietly abuzz upon hearing that the main character in Prometheus is named Elizabeth Shaw. Massive coincidence, as is the fact Shaw/John features in today’s Babalon Project1. I mean, probably.


In any case, if you don’t love Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, well, you got bigger problems than me coming up with a clever way to describe your horrid insufficiencies. Fantastically smart, unconventionally attractive, skeptical to the point of frustration—if only that grand-standing Doctor hadn’t come along to steal their show, Liz and the Brigadier could have launched The X-Files twenty-three years early.

Even the Liz Shaw raised in the brutal, dark mirror universe of Inferno proves to be a hero, which suggests that hers is an intellectual morality. Fundamentally, she’s good because she’s smart enough to do the right thing. The more she knows, the better she is. And if her superior officer won’t see reason, wants to be petty and selfish in a way that dooms billions of strangers, well, then. She has the strength to put a bullet in him if that’s what it takes.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that after the Doctor sees that, he knows any Liz Shaw would do the same to any selfish madman, given enough knowledge.

And that’s why she’s gone by Season 8.

1 The discs you’re seeing now, I captured months ago. Back then I only knew that Inferno was the sole Season 7 story I owned, and how am I not gonna do Liz Shaw? Er…