Short thoughts on Doctor Who, disc by disc. (originally published July 2012)

The Chase

Tonight’s soundtrack: Steroid Maximus, “Chaiste”

Unlike Colin Baker, Terry Nation never made a deal with the Devil. Terry Nation is the Devil.

Without delving into the diabolical history of the highly improbable successes of Mr. Terence “Terror” Nation, we can assert that he was at least Loki to the Doctor Who team:

“Terry, we can’t have any goofy sci-fi monsters.”

“Great. Here’s my script. Hope you like the Nazi monsters in personal laser tanks. It’s an H.G. Wells thing.”

* * *

“Terry, your Daleks are a hit! The BBC is going to try what we call "marketing”, maybe earn something off toys.“

"Fantastic. Have you met my agent Beryl? She’s going to let you know how much money you have to give me and where to back up the lorry.”

* * *

“Terry, we’re contacting someone else to write the next Dalek script. Time is quite short and—”

“I’m sorry, I thought you’d already met Beryl.”

* * *

“Terry, the programme remains popular, and we want to thank you. You helped prove how wildly we can change the show from story to story.”

“Super. How about week to week?”

“You mean like your Marinus Key thing? That wasn’t… er—”

“No, no, not that. Bigger. We’ll change the whole planet, period of history, genre, everything. Every episode. Plus Daleks, and a robot double for the Doctor. You lot can handle that on the usual schedule, yeah?”

Terry Nation: Ahead of his time, or Doctor Who’s bespoke troll?

* * *

Briefly, two things about The Chase that aren’t likely Terry Nation’s fault:

1. Officially miffed, but secretly happy, that I have to buy this twice because the Region 1 DVD doesn’t have the Beatles clip.

2. Ian and Barbara’s journey is perfect. I don’t think any companions ever leave this satisfactorily again. Certainly no other companions are ever as eager to check into a hotel.