Dr. Who and the Daleks

Tonight’s soundtrack: Midge Ure, “The Man Who Sold The World”

I could do a month’s worth of short essays on this film, and that’s after a week’s worth of long ones. There’s Peter Cushing! It’s in color! That music! Susan and Barbara Who! Guaranteed to start bar fights at conventions!

So let’s move forward and back up.

When they re-introduced the Cybermen in 2006, the monsters’ birthplace went from Earth’s dark twin planet to Earth’s dark parallel universe. Well, I say “dark” to preserve the symmetry, but the place weren’t all bad. A little corporo-fascist, sure, but the technology is years ahead of ours and Zeppelins are the hot ticket in transport. This universe has no Doctor, and presumably no Time Lords. It suffered none of the alien/pre-human menaces that our Doctor thwarted, or perhaps that advanced tech was developed by human scientists in defense.

In many ways, and I’m speaking as a comic book fan and not a physicist, a parallel universe feels like a cover version. Same song, different band. 

You know what else is a cover version? A film adaptation.

In the universe of DWATD, there are no Time Lords. There’s no Doctor. There’s Dr. Who, a human scientist that developed technology years ahead of ours. I’m guessing he didn’t do it in an absolute vacuum. This whole world must be advanced, yet the fashions remain quaint. I bet they’ve still got dirigibles.

They name the universe of Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel “Pete’s World”. Is that really about Rose’s dad… or is that Peter Cushing? Come on!

This 1965 film takes place in the same universe that gave us the Cybus Cybermen and I’ll meet you down in the bar for a sarsaparilla if'n you’d like to fight about it.