Short thoughts on Doctor Who, disc by disc (originally published June 2012)

The Seeds of Doom

Tonight’s soundtrack: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, “Supernaturally”

Here’s fun:

My friend Matt got the role of the detective in the school play1. Matt was my Doctor Who buddy and a year younger than me, so it was easy to “encourage” him to embellish his role Tom Baker-style. Specifically, I convinced him to ditch one scripted line and instead shout, “WAFFLE! Waffle, waffle, waffle!”

That’s a cruel thing to do, really. Make a child actor burst out eccentrically on stage in front of the whole school with a bizarre non-sequitur quote from The Seeds of Doom just so that I and I alone can have a tremendous laugh? That’s not right. It’s especially not right to still be giggling over it.

The kicker is that up until last year, if you’d asked me what I thought of The Seeds of Doom I’d have said, “Doom or Death? Which is the one with the Ice Warriors?”  Once we’d cleared that up, I’d have said, “Oh, I haven’t seen it. I hear it’s good, though.”

There’s friendship for you. I remembered young Matt’s public indulgence of my whim for 25 years, but totally forgot what had inspired it. Almost as though the story had fallen through a crack in time and never existed, yet left its effects behind.

Anyway, TSOD is brilliant. It’s Doctor Who does The Thing and caps it with Camp Freddie as a James Bond villain. Don’t miss it.


1 I got the role of the psychic Roma lady, Madame Orloff. They wanted me to play the part in drag “like Monty Python”. I showed them. I played it in drag like a sexy beast.