Short thoughts on Doctor Who, disc by disc (originally published June 2012)

The Sun Makers

Tonight’s soundtrack: Aesop Rock, “Bring Back Pluto”

Just so you know, I’m actually not writing about what I’m thinking about. The Sun Makers is all wrapped up with this other thing in my head, and I’m not ready to write about that. So I’m not. But that thing keeps hovering into view like a goddamn giant ghost bat every time I try to think of what I have to say, getting between me and the keyboard for the better part of an hour now. So I’m writing that I’m not writing about it, just to get my fingers moving on the keys.

love K-9. He’s a smart-arse mobile computer with a laser gun! How can you not love that? Of course, growing up, I loved all the snarky robot sidekicks. R2-D2, Twiki, KITT, V.I.N.CENT, Bubo the Owl, Hervé Villechaize… K-9 is still better than all those guys, because in addition to the funny voice, the super-intelligence, and the ability to save the day, he’s also a dog. He’s Snoopy with a laser gun! Have I mentioned the laser gun?

I know we’re supposed to find these robot pals annoying, now that we’re all grown up and having inappropriate thoughts about George Clooney. We should talk about how they’re really not very funny now that we’ve met their older brothers Crow and Servo. Let’s sniff about the way they ruin the tension with all their gadgets and solutions. Let’s be really adult and take a big knife to our chests, cut out our hearts, and make sure we never, ever admit affection for something a jerk might laugh at or call silly.

Or let’s not. How about we just love with the same capacity, the same eyes, we had when we always knew it was better to have more joy in the world? We can do that and still not buy Before Watchmen, I think.