Tonight’s soundtrack: Carly Simon, “Nobody Does It Better”

Or, to look at it another way, the Daleks had to launch themselves out of television’s gravity well and into a cinematic wide screen orbit. The Doctor was too heavy a concept to make that trip with ‘60s multi-rocket fiction fuel, so he was jettisoned in favor of impact-resistant Dr. Who. Tastes nearly the same, but sweeter, and there’s no sharp edges. 

When it came time to make the second trip, though, Dr. Who couldn’t even get a place in the Title capsule. A little too heavy for the Daleks’ purpose? Perhaps a bit too much gravity of its own?

Call it Rule '66: Whatever takes on the image of the Doctor becomes the Doctor.

* * *

HALO jump down from the meta with me now and marvel that while this movie has dead-sexy multi-colored Daleks and Peter Cushing in a scarf, those are still the 3rd and 4th best things in it1. Friends, this is where Bernard Cribbins and Philip Madoc get their Doctor Who metaphors verbed! One of the great good guys and one of the greatest bad guys, starting a tradition of classing up whatever Who they’re invited to.

It’s a coincidence that Philip Madoc passed away just recently, but it’s not chance that he’s in every Babalon Shot I could put him2. The man’s undeniable.

* * *

Ave atque vale.

1 All rankings determined while looking back through the candy-colored Prism of Time. In-Context Rankings are posted down the hall next to the blue boringers.

2 I won’t be getting the Krotons DVD until later this week. BTW, Honey? I ordered The Krotons from Amazon.