Sit Comfortably

Just a couple points of admin we have to go through on this most first of April, year of our lord Two Thousand and Blade Runner:

  1. Archived Best of Wonder will continue to run on the Historical Mister-y feed, while film and TV essays go out through the Illogiblog, BUT

  2. While I was really good about setting up at least a week’s buffer of scheduled posts, the computer with all the raw text for these posts died about a week ago.

  3. So there’s going to be a gap in transmission, starting, oh… now.

  4. There are backups, and all will be restored, and normal service shall continue, but, yeah.

  5. I have a wicked good new mechanical keyboard that I just adore.

  6. Work proceeds apace on THE HOUSE OF FINAL ADVENTURE. By which I mean, my pace. By which I mean, oh, a nap? Lovely.

  7. New plan is to start a weekly newsletter for Illogical Associates - we have new and old projects in the fire, and need to start letting folks know to expect them. I have no idea how I’m going to sign people up for that. Bootstraps or bust!

  8. Is it possible to be so far behind schedule that you lap yourself and come out ahead? Does gaining weight from stress-eating help with that, due to gravity and Einstein stuff?

Keep Watching Disguise,