Here’s what I currently tell friends when they ask me about my own identity…

“I’ve spent my life uncomfortable with all the relevant labels. To describe myself as bisexual feels either appropriative or pretentious, and both are things which horrify me. Conversely, to describe myself as straight feels deceptive. Frankly, either option isn’t a good way to live. It’s probably most appropriate to say that I’m somewhere on the bisexual spectrum.“

The only reason I’m saying it to you, is that it basically feels like an elephant in the room. I talk so much about what goes into the work, not including “Oh yeah – I mean, there’s certainly stuff drawn from my own somewhat ambivalent and fluid relationship with sexuality, gender and desire” seems like a pretty big omission.

Heh. Doing that as an aside in a 14,000 word essay is pretty much peak Gillen, I fear.
— Phonogram:Immaterial Girl:Writer's Notes

Some of us have to write 600-page novels about 19th Century whaling and dedicate them to our crushes to get the news out, so, y'know.