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7 Days Left

It's officially the Last Week of The Shadow of Oz: A Tarot Deck Kickstarter and we hit 60% funding this morning!!

Another of our Artists is putting together some sketches of her cards, so we should have some art to share later today or tomorrow for you!

Now here's your Level o' The Day:

Pledge $150 or more

Limited (5 left of 6)

ROYAL ARTIST OF OZ- TWO: Receive the original art for one of Giles Crawford's cards, plus The Heart Level.

That includes:

  • A Thank You on our website
  • A digital copy of Dorothy #1
  • A digital .pdf of all 78 cards
  • A copy of The Shadow of Oz: A Tarot Deck
  • The Original Artwork for one of Giles Crawford's cards for this deck.

Giles has done the art for comics, including NYT Bestselling zombie anthology FUBAR, and he is currently drawing ‘Igor: Occult Detective' and 'Lowlives', as well as various anthology shorts and his own personal work. You can check out even more of his work here.



Inch by inch...

The Final Art for the back of the Deck is almost done. We know what it will look like when it's completed, but that'll take another day or two. In the meantime, enjoy how amazing Ozma looks on it!


The Shadow Of Oz: A Tarot Deck- goes live on Kickstarter Saturday, February 15th. Want a sneak preview? drop us a line. Here's the full line up of artists we have on this lovely project

Eighteenth Artist Announced: Rob Wilson

Seventeenth Artist Announced: Chandra Free

Sixteenth Artist Announced: Drew Edward Johnson

Fifteenth Artist Announced: Jay Fabares

Fourteenth Artist Announced: Greg Espinoza

Thirteenth Artist Announced: Gaz Gretsky

Twelfth Artist Announced: Ray Snyder

Eleventh Artist Announced: Kori Thompson

Tenth Artist Announced: Jimmie Robinson

Ninth Artist Announced: Emonic

Eighth Artist Announced: Giles Crawford

Seventh Artist Announced: Paul Gulacy

Sixth Artist Announced: Olympia Maxenchs

Fifth Artist Announced: Eric Shanower

Fourth Artist Announced: Darick Robertson

Third Artist Announced: Steve Leialoha

Second Artist Announced: Trina Robbins

First Artist Announced: Ben Templesmith