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T-Minus 40 Hours

From our latest Kickstarter Update:

This is it.

As we write this, there are 40 hours left in the Kickstarter. 40 hours until the curtain comes down and they make us get off the stage and back to work deck-building. We've done a lot of drum banging, cheerleading, and jazz handing. At this point, in these final hours, you, our lovely Backers, are the best hope for this project. You can help us get Funded by Sharing, Facebooking, Tweeting and Emailing everyone and anyone.

Especially to that one friend. You know who we mean. You've been wanting to tell them about the Shadow of Oz for weeks, but you kept forgetting. Now's the time. They're ready to hear about it.

There's over 330 of you and you have amazing Group Power. Here's a shortlink to share, if you're into the whole brevity thing:

This just in: You can now add this lovely Velvet Bag to hold your deck and booklet, for only $10.

This Tarot Bag measures 6" wide and 9" tall and will perfectly hold The Shadow of Oz: A Tarot Deck

This Tarot Bag measures 6" wide and 9" tall and will perfectly hold The Shadow of Oz: A Tarot Deck

Wondering how else to help? You could consider increasing your Level or including an Add-On, like the lovely bag, above. You can pledge for more than one thing by raising your pledge amount to the sum of the rewards you would like via the "Manage My Pledge" button. Then tally up the total for what you want and change your Backer Amount to that Total. In a few days, when the Kickstarter is complete, we'll send out a Survey where you can let us know what you want, or you can message us now, in case you're worried you'll forget.

Here's some of our other Add-ons:

  • $5 for an .mp3 of the "Dorothy" song that was written as a fan piece to our comic Dorothy, by Hugo Award winner Seanan McGuire
  • For $10, you can hear how imbibed Mark and Anna can get while commentarying the Wizard of Oz movie.
  • Most importantly, for $15, you can add on a Limited Edition 8x10" Color Print of one of our cards. (When the cards are all created, we'll send you a link to choose your piece from, unless you have the level where you receive the .pdf of all 78 cards).

This is the day. This is the hour. The fate of this project is in your hands, you beauties.

Early Concept notes from Mark

Early Concept notes from Mark

Thank you so much for being part of this journey.

~Anna & Mark



How Big Is Your Deck?

Happy Pi Day!

In case you haven’t heard, Anna Warren Cebrian and Mark Anthony Masterson publish comic books from time to time, most famously a modern Wizard of Oz adaptation titled “Dorothy.”

Thing is, along the way to our next comic, we made an observation. And that observation turned into an idea. And that idea became a project. And that project is seeking funding from the crowd on Kickstarter.

It’s like the Kingdom that was lost for want of a nail, except in reverse and it’s totally an Oz-themed Tarot Deck

Check it out: we got 19 of our graphic novel colleagues to agree to illustrate a full color 78-card tarot deck with scenes and characters from all the Oz books. We take our love of art and storytelling, wed it with the symbolism and wisdom of the tarot, and Boom: the Ultimate Choose-Your-Own-Adventure.

Like I said, we’ve chosen to crowd-fund this project, and we’re nearly there. In the final days of the fund-raising, though, we wanted to be sure to reach out to everyone and get you hep to the chance to help out. There’s even a gorgeous deck of cards in it for you if pledge at a certain level.

Speaking of the levels, there’s one or two that might interest people living in the L.A. area. We’re having a Deck Party over a comic book store, and also a Day with the Creators at Disneyland. Just look for the “GLINDA’S PARTY” and “RETURN TO OZ” levels. Those also come with decks and some other cool stuff.

There's levels for people in the Bay Area, too. Dinner with us, a party at Illusive Comics & Games with a lot of the artists. Those also come with decks and cool stuff. Look up "DAINTY CHINA COUNTRY" AND "OZMA'S BIRTHDAY PARTY" levels.

Oh and hey, there’s also add-ons. Tack an extra $3- $15 onto your pledge to get things like stickers or our commentary on the Wizard of Oz film, while we're well as imbibing.

I do hope you’ll give our project a look, or at least pass it along to anyone you think might be interested: comic book fans, Oz groupies, card collectors, passing wizards, sentient frogs, whomever. We don’t judge who your friends are, and we think the deck has a lot of appeal.

It’s called “The Shadow of Oz.”



3 days left

There are 3 days left to fund The Shadow of Oz: A Tarot Deck Kickstarter. This rare anthology of art by amazing artists, based upon the books of L. Frank Baum is something you should own.

If you haven't backed us with at least $25, please go do so. Every single backer SERIOUSLY makes a difference. We haven't hit our Funding Target, yet, and we won't be able to make this project happen unless we do.

If you are an Art Collector, an Oz Collector, a Comic Book Collector, this is something you should really consider getting.

Pledge $750 or more

1 backer Limited (7 left of 8)

ROYAL ARTIST OF OZ- THREE: Receive the original art for one of Eric Shanower's cards, plus The Heart Level.

You will receive

  • A Thank You on our website
  • A digital copy of Dorothy #1
  • A digital .pdf of all 78 cards
  • A copy of The Shadow of Oz: A Tarot Deck
  • The Original Artwork for one of Eric Shanower's cards for this deck.

Why is this level so high? Because you can't buy original art of Eric's. He doesn't put it out for sale. However, because he's a Darling and a friend of ours, he's giving us his original work to raise funds to make this project happen.  I mean it, go look on eBay, you will not find original art by him.

Never heard of Eric Shanower? He is the award-winning and New York Times bestselling cartoonist, author, and illustrator. His work has been widely published--from Marvel Comics to Random House, from Nickelodeon Magazine to BBC television. He's worked on Oz stories since he was a child. Yes, his work is collectible. Yes, if you have been wanting to invest in some fine art, THIS is the time to do so, and this is the artist to collect.

Thank you all for your support and for Sharing!!



Balloon Launching

Yesterday we went over the $5 Yellow Brick Road Level for The Shadow of Oz: A Tarot Deck Kickstarter.

The $10 Balloon Launch Level says this: You've just earned the Yellow Brick Road Level plus 3 random cards from the deck, mailed with a strip of green silk.

So you receive:

  • A Thank You on our website
  • A digital copy of Dorothy #1
  • Three random cards from the deck, mailed to you, with
  • A strip of green silk

The strip of silk is a reference to the Professor's hot air balloon. It will be long enough to tie around your wrist, as some spiritual folk are wont to do. But you may just wish to keep it as a token.


I was happily surprised to see that my partner posted images of the front border of the cards with their corresponding suit colors, according to the lands in Oz. If you haven't see them yet, let your eyes have a Happy Dance.