A Comic

Dorothy is the story of a regular girl caught up in highly irregular business. It's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but it's happening the day after yesterday. It's the  fairy tale of America, told once again. With swearing.

A Graphic Novel

Dorothy, Volume 1 collected the first four issues of Dorothy. It shows how this American girl arrived in Oz by the front of her Uncle's truck and what fools she met when she got there. It also ends on a cliffhanger. Three more issues of the comic were published, but they've yet to be collected. Hey, I just had an idea!

A Digital Pioneer

From top to bottom, Dorothy has always been like no other comic. In 2003, Filmmaker Greg Mannino and digital artist Theo Panousopolis set out to make The Wizard of Oz look like Lord of the Rings on paper. Everything went into the mix: Live actors. Computer-generated backgrounds. Macro photography. Puppets and models. Anything that could get stuffed into a Photoshop file, really. And it looked awesome
Guess what we can do nowadays?

We can't stop here. This is monkey country.