"I think we're drunk enough. Let's go!"

Ostensibly gathered to talk about The Shadow of Oz deck, Winkie Con 2014, and The Wizard of Oz, the Illogical Associates are joined on this episode by freelance Jill-of-All-Trades Marisol Gold. What follows are digressions, squeaky bottles, inappropriate references, scatalogical stories, true confessions, constant noise from touching the table supporting the microphone, the worst profanity we've ever uttered in a recording, and playing cards on the radio.

Oh my.

If there's anything worse than listening to a group of people laughing over inside jokes and personal references that you don't get, it's listening to them get sloppy drunk while doing so. Adding insult to insufferability, all the truly slanderous bits got cut, but the reactions remain. One is left with the sound of filthy giggly hooting without context.

We also cut the bits where it got all maudlin and "besht friend" weepy, so I guess that's a win?

Goodnight, Mason Rourman, wherever you are. #breasts