Quis Custodiet Ipsos Graphic Novel?

Dorothy is on hiatus. But we remain committed to finishing this story, and answering that most vexing of questions: Who is the Wizard?

We expect the Dorothy series to run about 24 Chapters (32 page comic book issues). That's kind of a big deal, and we've also got these other bits of the empire to run... we're going to need some help, is what I'm saying.

Sequential Artists are encouraged to send us a link to your portfolio along with your pricing.

DOROTHY Production Gallery:

Dorothy concept and creation by Greg Mannino. Original art and props by Greg Mannino.  

Dorothy finished art production team: Greg Mannino, Theo Panousopoulos, Ray Boersig, Jeff Grey, Karen Keller, Vonn Watkins, Mark J. Prusten, Christopher Dunklee. Actor/Models: Catie Fisher, Stephanie Salas, Jennifer Fisher, Craig Martin, Greg Mannino, Bryan Champ, Holly Alvarez, Jack "Super Fly" Young.

You're seeing the sausage factory here - original notes from planning meetings, rough storyboards, rejected scenes, photo shoots, rough layout, CG designs, physical props, strange stuff you do while procrastinating - all the way to cover composites and advertising material. It's exhausting, if not exhaustive. Check out the finished product!