Reviews of Dorothy, Issue IV: "The Fool"

"As usual, the appearance of the comic is simply beautiful, with an excellent blend of photography and digital effects that puts the book far above the stiffness and posed nature of most photo-comics. And the writing is excellent as well, with a good blend of sass and lonesomeness from Dorothy, and the Scarecrow's simple yet generous nature coming through clearly."

“This issue was incredible.

The Scarecrow's malapropisms and made-up words worked nicely in his telling of the story. I liked the way the art blended and seemed a bit less polished and detailed in some parts of the Scarecrow's story, while other parts were vividly remembered, like memories that stuck or faded.

From the first issue, this comic has been consistently good and different. But this issue just cranked it all up a notch, and I'm really eager to see what happens next. I'm really enjoying this version of Oz.”

“Dorothy of Oz continues to impress with its fourth chapter, The Fool.

I'm impressed that even though Dorothy's already one of my must-read books, it's still improving.”

“Once again, Illusive Arts DOROTHY is a wild and original spin on the classic Wizard of Oz. This sci-fi/fantasy tale has been a captivating adaptation since issue 1.

The storytelling in this book is flawless, with the transitions between the past and present nearly flawless.

Visually, each issue of Dorothy grows stronger. As difficult of a medium as photo manipulation art is for comics, Panousopoulos and Mannino are able to construct masterful panels, on par with the pencil work of Lee and Byrne. The imagery in DOROTHY is impressive, cleanly executed, and masterfully original. Artistically, this book lays the groundwork for a whole new movement in comic illustration.”