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Think of the Tarot as 78 comic book panels that can be arranged in any order, to tell any story in the world. 

This gorgeously illustrated deck, along with your old friends from Oz, will aid you in understanding and telling your own stories.

Art and design by Olympia Maxenchs and Allison Lyles for Illogical Associates


A full-color 78 card tarot deck based on the world of Oz as created by L. Frank Baum in his incredible 14 original Oz books, illustrated by wonderfully talented comic book artists. Discover how these primal American fairy tale figures give us insight to the archetypal forces of the imagination. Also learn how your own stories, whether in fiction or "real life", can grow and improve when examined in the dark light of these titanic symbols.

Mark Anthony Masterson, author of the modern Oz comic Dorothy,  writes the accompanying text and tarot interpretations.



As Illogical Associates, we love bringing art and stories to the world. While sketching out our next volume of Oz comics we got to talking about the iconic imagery of Oz and how easily it fit with the archetypal symbols of the Tarot. From there, it wasn't long before we realized we could make an entire Oz deck a reality with help from our friends in the comic book world.

A Journey of Your Own

A celebration of imagination, and an exploration of the human psyche through the twin lenses of Oz and Tarot, this deck will please Oz enthusiasts, comic art lovers, and wisdom seekers. 

You can engage with the Tarot, wonder at the Oz references, or play Cribbage with this deck. It's all up to your imagination.