Mon, 03 Nov 1997

Dear Mr. Wonderful,

How many hours a week do you spend on the net? Just curious. There was a debate between myself and a number of other parties regarding the possible number of hours you might spend. What does it take to be you? How can I get the babes? The prestige? The fame? The insomnia?

(Ma|s|on) freewise


Dear Illuminatus,

Mr. Wonderful exists as an extremely complex and flexible meta-entity comprised of electronic pulses and mesonic waves in the very fiber of the 'Net itself. He lives between the connexions and at the same time around them, simultaneously everywhere at once. In that sense, then, he spends the full One-hundred sixty-eight hours a week "on-line". Oh wait, that doesn't happen until 2006. Never mind. Erm, say...7, hold it -- 9, just to be safe. Just the 11 hours. Unless there's a lot to get done, in which case, we're here a bit more than the 15hr/wk average.

It takes a lot more than just 20 hours a week on-line to be me, kid. I'm sure you knew that. Mr. Wonderful follows the old ways, respects the fabric and design of the universe. He seeks out secrets using the well-worn tools of the hallowed mystics. The fame, the prestige, the chicks, the foxes, even the women... they all proceed from one special thing.

Starts with "c", ends with "e", rhymes with "toffee". And lots of it.