Thu, 30 Nov 2000

Dear Mr Wonderful,

I'm in desperate need of a good role model. How can I be more like you?


Mr. Ehh, He's OK.


Dear Single White Male,

Ummmm.... although it pains me, I would not say that Mister Wonderful is a good role model. No, not at all. An example, certainly. A warning, maybe.

But unless your definition of good includes a "fraught with pain, sacrifice, misery, conflict, chaos, insurmountable odds, psychotic labmates, time-space fractures, mystic nausea, and the empty solace of meaningless couplings with Venusian ambassadors" I don't think it will be what you're looking for.

That being said, we do have fun. And a labcoat.

To be more like me, be more like yourself. This should be obvious, and is not a cop out. Mister Wonderful did not get where he is today by imitating others (except for the impressions he does; slays 'em at industry parties). Be so much like yourself that you punch through the other side, inverting and expanding yourself simultaneously, grasping the opposing poles and elevating above them, moving in a direction that is neither X, Y, Z, or Time. Be you, ultimately you, as only you can be, as you promised you would be before you were born, until you find yourself entering the W dimension. Then let the tour guides show you around.

Good luck.