Fri, 03 Sep 1999

Dear Herr Doktor Professor Wunderbar,

I just got done watching Mystery Men. Loved it. Great flick. My only problem; the superhero wannabe's were really lame. If Mr Wonderful had superpowers, very specifically, what would they be? For example, if I was going to be a superhero wannabe, I'd probably be something like Captain Non-Sequitor, with the power to confuse 20 men!

Also, what did you think of the film?

Finally, I forgot, what was the name of the comic series the movie was made after (Dark Horse Comix?)?


Der Untermensch


Dear Captain Voltzen,

Because the kids like it so much, I will answer your queries in reverse order:

3) Flaming Carrot by Bob Burden, indeed published by Dark Horse these days, is the source material you seek. So says the King of Comics!

2) Mister Wonderful enjoyed the film, thought it suffered from poor editing, wondered why Eddie Izzard used that accent, fell in love with Janeane Garafalo all over again, and got that weird sexual thrill he always does when people in costumes walk out of the mist.

1) Mister Wonderful once again resents the implication that he does not already possess superpowers. In the spirit of the film, however, if Mister Wonderful was a second-string superhero, he would like to be Love Gun. His powers are three-fold: a) He exudes confidence - causing weak-willed criminals to falter, b) He listens with the power of six sensitive men, and c) He can make women lose ten pounds just by looking at them. Love Gun --> The Hero that soaks your panties.