Wed, 07 Mar 2001

Dear Mr Wonderful,

I realize that this question has been asked many times (and for similar reasons), but I want your take on it:

Why do you get 8 hot dogs in a pack but only 6 hot dog buns in a pack?


A "Higher" Authority


Dear Frank,

You know, someone asked me a similar query some years ago ("TASTY WONDER") and I must admit - I was really friggin' funny in that first line. Other than that, I was high like Superfly. I have no idea what any of that means.

But it's true nonetheless! The great and terrible Wonder has spoken!

The simple facts of the matter are this: Hot dog packages are from Earth-1. Bun packages are from Earth-2. Separated by the merest of vibrational frequencies, these universes co-exist along with an infinite number of other "Earths", where every possible choice is actualized. The dimensional barrier was breached by Oscar "Speed" Meyer in 1911 which led to some very amusing adventures involving Hitler, which have no place here. Point is: inter-dimensional trucking thrives to this day, even though drug abuse is rampant among the drivers.

Rocketed from Earth-W in his youth, Mister Wonderful prefers pepperoni on a bagel, because he's wacky that way.