Thu, 30 Nov 2000

Dear Mr Wonderful,

Why does light have the speed limit that it does? I mean, shouldn't it be faster? Also, now that they have managed to slow light down to a measly 2 mph, does that mean that we can all consider ourselves relative? Or is something amiss?

Your Fan,



Dear Speeding Bullet,

QUERY ONE: Light needs to be the speed it is so that you get a last lingering glimpse of your lover when you snuff out the candles.

QUERY ZWEI: We can all consider ourselves relative because, let's face it, at one point there were only maybe six Homo sapiens and we all had to come from somewhere. Think about that next time you get on your moral high horse about Luke and Leia kissing.

QUERY TRES: Something is certainly amiss. But it's always been that way, and I wouldn't get upset about it. History will repeat until we get it right.