Wed, 05 Sep 2001

Dear Mister Echo...

who are these guys?

Mr.Wonderful Scottsdale AZ USA

Mr Wonderful Social Ballroom and Latin American Dancing

friends of yours? alter-alter-egos?

confused in cali


Dear You're Confused?,

Wow. Take a moment to visit the links, folks, if you haven't already. Don't read too much or you'll go blind.

Near as I can tell, the first guy is the Bizarro-Wonderful and the second guy is the part of me that split off in the transporter accident.

Which is why the federal ban on Duplicator Rays is so necessary. Sure, a Duplicator Ray comes in handy on laundry day. And while dating. And when you have to do one of those martial arts movies where you and your twin brother grew up on opposite sides of the law. But the fact is, nine times out of ten you wind up with a cube-headed creature that am your perfect opposite.

Look, I won't lie to the kids - I experimented with duplication during the 70's myself. It wasn't worth it. And not just because there's a version of me segmented across a dozen eight-tracks mewling in terrible agony down in the basement. No, it wasn't worth it because of the inevitable pain caused to your friends and family and the women you've married.

Just say N-n-no.